Concept: Auto-Torrenting

Imagine a way to constantly share a set of files amongst a trusted group of people? Here's what I had in mind:

Users would create a pick-up folder. Said folder would only have read permissions for obvious security reasons. Then, there is an encrypted file that contains a list of trusted IPs. These are IPs that you will accept connections from. To share a file with everyone on the network, you add a file to the pick-up directory. A daemon will watch for changes in the directory. Since a file was added to the directory, the daemon will notify everyone and send out a .torrent (or magnet link) file. Everyone accepts the link/torrent file if the IP sending it is in their encrypted IP file, and begin downloading different chunks of the file, since that's the nature of the bittorrent protocol. Since that happens they can help each other complete the file download by downloading chunks from one another. Any time there is an update in the encrypted IP file, it is sent to the others for acceptance. This scheme is highly reliant on a Web of Trust, but it could be a convenient way to ensure a file lives on, such as a paper you worked hard on, or obtain new, interesting content.

Honestly though it's impossible to tell how practical that'd be until it's actually implemented. I think the actual implementation could be done fairly easily though. I was contemplating a combination of inotify to watch a directory, and a simple daemon to talk to others remotely, possibly using ssh to secure the connection. Maybe users of this system would create a separate user called 'share' and create a set of public/private keys for them. The users would share the private keys to speak to each other automatically.

I wouldn't be surprised if someone or several people already have this setup.

Ok, back to work.


  1. You should look at Bittorrent Sync. It does exactly what you describe.


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