I Love Analog Clocks

On my desktop I use an analog clock instead of the traditional digital clocks usually found in the bottom right corner. I was really surprised to find the option in XFCE. Who the hell uses an analog clock on a computer?!

The great thing about the analog clock is that it's a great way  to tell the time quickly, but not exactly. If you're one of those people who are constantly worried about being on time or try to squeeze every minute out of whatever you're up to but end up being late, I think using an analog clock is for you.

Another benefit of the analog clock is that it takes up less space than the digital clock. This makes vertical menu bars more appealing because everything isn't being squished into a square. With an analog clock the square is a perfect fit for its circular nature, compared to the rectangular shaped string of text. 

A side-effect to being bounded to a square vs text being bounded to a square is it's way easier to read. A quick glance and you know the approximate time. Right now it's around 3:25pm, and for me, that's good enough. If I know I need to be somewhere for 4:00pm, I know I should leave in around 5-10 minutes.

The only real issue I have with the analog clock is that it doesn't scale well to 24h time. The 12 dots that make up the hours would end up basically making a circle with an extra 12. Maybe this can be worked around by using smaller circles.

Here's what it looks like on XFCE. Yes I use a vertical bar because I have the horizontal space to spare.

Does anyone else use this type of setup, where they aren't interested in the exact time? I'd be interested to hear about that.


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